Kanzu x Sadie Puppies:3 weeks

The Kanzu x Sadie puppies have turned 3 weeks old.  This week is referred to as the “Awareness or Identification Period”  (see Puppy Development by Pat Hastings and Erin Rouse, chapter by Kathryn Lanam)  For the first time the puppies have the use of all of their senses.  Their eyes are open and hearing is functioning […]

Neonatal Puppy Stimulation

During the neonatal period from 3 days to 16 days the Kanzu x Sadie litter have been engaged in a period of neurological stimulation exercises. This protocol is described in a chapter by Kathryn Lanam in Puppy Development by Hastings and Rouse. Dr Carmen Battaglia www.breedingbetterdogs.com reports that puppies who are exposed to early neurological stimulation […]

Goofy Kuyu

Kuyu is the ultimate silly, goofy Ridgeback.  Couple that with being very photogenic and almost posing for photos and you get a treasure trove of funny photos of some of his antics.  Kuyu makes everyone who knows him laugh out loud regularly.  He loves to roll on his back and also tilt his head.  Those are pretty regular RR […]

Kanzu x Sadie Puppies: Birth to 14 days

The Kanzu x Sadie Puppies (my Miracle Litter) just turned 11 days old.  In this neonatal period from birth to about 14 days the puppies are fairly helpless and completely dependent on their dam.  They cannot regulate their own body temperatures nor any other body function such as elimination.  The majority of their lives are […]

Miracle Litter

  Every litter is a little miracle. But the Kanzu x Sadie litter seems extra special to all involved.  The Kanzu and Sadie match was arranged between Heritage Ridgebacks and African Treasure RR many months before the mating.  But Sadie keep all of us waiting for a very long time.  After much anticipation,  Kanzu and Sadie were bred […]

Easter Dog Kuyu

Kuyu has followed in his father Kanzu’s footsteps and is now busy  working to earn his official Therapy Dog Certification. His favorite site to visit was also his Daddy Kanzu’s favorite, an Alternative School in San Bernardino. This year, Kuyu and his friend Misty along with Chris from The Enlighten Dog Therapy Dog team visited the school. The […]

Kuyu New Dual Champion

Kuyu earned his AKC Lure Coursing Field Championship on March 21, 2015.  Like his mom Kayta, his dad Kanzu and his littermate sister Kaia he is an intense lure courser.  He loves nothing more than to chase the bunnies.  His intensity and enthusiasm make him well-known (dare I say infamous) among the human lure coursing […]

Lucky Hanford BOB

Last year at the first day of the Sequoia Kennel Club conformation show in Hanford CA, Kuyu went Best of Breed (BOB) with Linda as his unexpected handler. We were very grateful that day to Geri Griffin who stepped in and took Kuyu into the Hound Group. Kuyu then took a year’s break from the […]

Kuyu Rally Advanced Title

Kuyu earned his Rally Novice (RN) title in January 2015.  The jump from competition in the Novice Class to the Advanced Class is a big one.  In Novice, the dog works on lead and most of the exercises are in motion.  In the Advanced Class the dog is off lead and many of the signs […]

Kuyu RN and BN Titles

Kuyu and Linda have been working together for some time preparing to compete in Rally and Obedience.  Qualifying in Rally and Obedience are no easy tasks for Ridgebacks (especially the boys who like to sniff their way around a course).  Three qualifying scores are needed to earn a title in each of these events.  Kuyu […]

Kanzu the Listener

Nathan is a 4 year old boy with a severe speech impairment related to an anatomical abnormality of his palate. He has been in speech therapy for most of his short life. His parents were very concerned with the discrepant diagnoses that Nathan had received and the lack of progress in speech therapy. They sought […]

PACH Kanzu

 On November 14, 2014 Kanzu and his special friend Vicki LePenske earned his second agility championship. After earning his MACH in January 2012 we made the decision for Kanzu to continue his agility career in the preferred jump height moving from 24 inch jumps to 20 inch. In the preferred class, dogs are also given […]

Kaia NLCC RR Champion

Kaia “BIF GCH Bakari’s Fabled Treasure SC” is a Kanzu x Kayta daughter and Kuyu littermate sister. She rocked the Ridgeback Lure Coursing community this fall when she won the 2014 AKC Lure Coursing Championships(NLCC). Kaia ran her first weekend of AKC lure coursing in August 2014 winning breed and Best In Field Saturday for […]

Kanzu Therapy Dog Title

For more than 2 years Kanzu has been an active therapy dog providing pet therapy visits through the Enlighten Dog Chapter of Love on a Leash. As a certified therapy dog team Kanzu and Linda visit a variety of different types of facilities including retirement communities, library reading programs and schools.   In an effort […]

Kanzu x Smyth Puppies Whelped

KitoRidgebacks is proud to announce the arrival of the Kanzu x Smyth litter. Puppies were whelped on August 8, 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah by Smyth’s owner, Mary Anne Draper . The litter is comprised of 6 ridged puppies with 2 boys and 4 girls.                   […]

Best in Field-Kaia

Kanzu x Kayta daughter Kaia earned an amazing Best In Field (BIF) title in an AKC lure coursing trial in Junction City Oregon on 8-9-14. This was also Kaia’s first major toward her AKC Field Championship. Kaia is now BIF GCH Bakari’s Fabled Treasure Kaia. It is not common for Ridgebacks to win a BIF […]