vkpachOn November 14, 2014 Kanzu and his special friend Vicki LePenske earned his second agility championship. After earning his MACH in January 2012 we made the decision for Kanzu to continue his agility career in the preferred jump height moving from 24 inch jumps to 20 inch. In the preferred class, dogs are also given a time advantage with slightly greater time to qualify on the course. The requirements for the Preferred Master Agility Championship or (PACH) are the same as for the MACH. The dog has to earn 20 Double qualifying scores and 750 points. A double Q is obtained when the dog has perfect runs and is under course time in the Jumpers and the Standard course on the same day. This is a “Double Q”. He must also have 750 points (a point is earned for each full second under course time). Kanzu and  Vicki competed together earning Kanzu’s PACH title at the Samoyed Club of LA trial in Chino. Kuyu earned a Double Q with a first place in Jumpers with Weaves and a first place and his final points in the Standard Run under judge Donna Gommer. We are so grateful to Vicki for running Kanzu to this championship and making it so much fun for him.