kaianlccKaia “BIF GCH Bakari’s Fabled Treasure SC” is a Kanzu x Kayta daughter and Kuyu littermate sister. She rocked the Ridgeback Lure Coursing community this fall when she won the 2014 AKC Lure Coursing Championships(NLCC). Kaia ran her first weekend of AKC lure coursing in August 2014 winning breed and Best In Field Saturday for a 5 pt major and breed on Sunday for an additional 2 points. With these wins, Kaia qualified for the NLCC held in September. The course layout and rolling terrain made it quite challenging. Kaia won breed on Saturday. Momma Kayta and Kaia also won the kennel stake on Saturday, and Kayta won the veteran class on Sunday. Go team Bakari! Indigo won breed on Sunday and Sheba had the combined high score. So Kaia, Indigo, and Sheba ran off for the big NLCC breed win. It was Kaia’s most incredible run yet. All four judges gave her the top score for her run making it a clean sweep and a clear win. We are so proud of Kaia and Kayta. Congrats to our Bakari Family!