Salome Pups-4 wks

The Kanzu x Salome puppies have turned 4 weeks old and are now more lively than ever. This is the middle of the first stage of socialization during which the puppies are becoming more aware of the world around them. Liz is creating an environment and presenting tasks to stimulate the puppies and to give […]

Kanzu Stud Dog Ad

Les Korcala of DogActionFotos has designed a lovely African themed two-page ad for us for the Stud Dog issue of The Ridgeback. It features Kanzu and his most recent champions. Thank you Les for such a beautiful job.                                   […]

Salome Pups-3 wks

The Kanzu x Salome puppies have turned 3 wks old. This is a really exciting phase in puppy development.  At this stage the puppies now have the use of all of their senses.  Their sight and hearing are now working well. They will be interested in toys and other visually stimulating objects in the whelping box and their […]

Kanzu at Work

One of Kanzu’s jobs is working as a therapy dog.  He visits many different types of facilities including retirement communities, libraries and schools.  But his favorite venue is a local alternative school.  One of the special things about this location is the small contained yard where he can walk and run and play with the […]

Salome Pups-2.5 wks

The Kanzu x Salome puppies are now 2.5 weeks old. They are moving about more and walking more both forward and backward. Their eyes are open and they are very interested in their littermates and paw and chew on each other and seek out their littermates for play and for snuggles. They are vocalizing actively, […]


On July 17, 2014 Kanzu and Vicki earned his PAX2 (Preferred Agility Excellent) and MXPS (Master Excellent Preferred Silver) agility titles. The PAX is earned when a dog has earned 20 double qualify scores on the same day on the Jumpers with Weaves and the Standard courses. The PAX2 is the second time Kanzu has […]

Swimming Ridgebacks

Ask a group of Ridgeback owners about the breed’s  reaction to water and swimming and a lively conversation will ensue. Most Ridgeback owners will tell you that their Ridgebacks view water as ‘acid’. There will be a host of humorous stories about how their dogs were walking on the beach and as a wave came in […]

Puppy Dreaming

Not a lot is known about dreaming in dogs. But experts believe that dogs do dream. Sleep is an important time for data processing, memory storage and neurological growth and organization. Watch this 2 week old Kanzu x Salome puppy as he ‘dreams’ and masters his running and chasing bunnies…..(at least that is what we […]

Salome Pups-11 Days

The Kanzu x Salome puppies have had their first week birthday and are now a week and a half old.  They are thriving and doing lots of eating and sleeping and talking and eating and sleeping and pooping and eating.  Liz describes Nat King Cole in this photo as being in a milk-coma.  She says that […]

Kanzu x Salome Litter Arrived

Ridgebacks of the Highland Rim is proud to announce the arrival of the highly anticipated Kanzu x Salome litter. Puppies were whelped on July 3, 2014 in Nashville TN by Salome’s owner, Liz Mask. The litter is made up of 6 ridged puppies with 2 boys and 4 girls. The puppies in the “Firecracker Litter” […]

Kanzu Best Vet

Kanzu turned 7 years old in July 2013 making him eligible to show as a veteran at dog shows that have the class available. In January 2014 Kanzu showed at the Rose City Cluster in Portland Oregon at a Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US (RRCUS) supported entry. He was shown by Julie Eschilling who […]

Rose City Family Reunion

The 2014 Rose City Cluster of dog shows in Portland Oregon was the opportunity for several of the Kanzu x Kayta litter to come together for the first Dragon Litter Family Reunion.  Five of the Kanzu x Kayta offspring showed in the 4 days of conformation shows.  On Thursday Jan 16th Logan, Bakari’s Logan Msaka was first […]

Kuyu Rally/Obedience Qs

Like his dad before him, Kuyu and Linda have been practicing  to compete in Rally and Obedience. Qualifying legs in Rally and Obedience are no easy tasks for Ridgebacks (especially the boys who like to sniff their way around a course).  Three qualifying scores are needed to earn a title in each of these events.  Kuyu […]

Kuyu #11 Canada

Kuyu made his debut in Canada in January 2013 at the Ladies Kennel Club of BC in Cloverdale, BC. He showed for 3 days with handlers Don Rodgers and Emma Marshall. In December 2013 Kuyu met up again with handler Don Rogers in Canada at the Auld Lang Syne Dog Association shows in Chillawack, BC. In […]

Kanzu the Easter Dog

Kanzu continues to enjoy therapy dog visits to several locations. One of his favorites though is an Alternative School in San Bernardino.  For Easter, Kanzu arrived at the school as the “Easter Dog”.  He delivered candy filled Easter Eggs that were hidden for a hunt.  One egg held a photo of Kanzu and the boy […]

Kuyu BOB in Hanford

A nightmare for many owners of dogs who compete in conformation is standing nervously ringside with their dog waiting for the professional handler who never shows up. This is just what happened on March 6 at the Sequoia Kennel Club the first day of the Hanford Shows. With the Best of Breed (BOB) class going […]