mommasadieThe Kanzu x Sadie Puppies (my Miracle Litter) just turned 11 days old.  In this neonatal period from birth to about 14 days the puppies are fairly helpless and completely dependent on their dam.  They cannot regulate their own body temperatures nor any other body function such as elimination.  The majority of their lives are spent eating and sleeping.  Puppies during this phase are extremely fragile and it is during this time that many puppies are lost.  In fact, we lost our precious little Turquoise Boy to aspiration pneumonia on day 8.  However, the other 4 are quite fat and vigorous.  They are wobbling around the whelping box  and beginning to show differentiated vocalizations.  They now grumble not only when hungry but when stepped on or laid on by one of their littermates or if their tummies are upset.  Momma Sadie was very concerned and seemingly worried for the first few days but is now enjoying her babies tremendously and proudly showing them off to her packmates.  But be careful no one can get too close without her watching very carefully.


For a video of the puppies at 11 days click here