neurostimDuring the neonatal period from 3 days to 16 days the Kanzu x Sadie litter have been engaged in a period of neurological stimulation exercises. This protocol is described in a chapter by Kathryn Lanam in Puppy Development by Hastings and Rouse. Dr Carmen Battaglia reports that puppies who are exposed to early neurological stimulation have long lasting and important developmental advantages.  This protocol of specific stimulation activities from day 3 to day 16 includes:

1.  Tickling between the toes

2.  Holding perpendicular to the ground

3.  Holding head down

4.  Holding on its back in the palm of the hand

5. Lain on a cold damp towl

The exercises in addition to lots of other human handling are believed to provide stimulation for the neurological system and cardiovascular system.  Puppies exposed to such a program have been shown to be more active, to engage in greater exploration and to be less distracted when engaged in work.

Below are videos of the Kanzu x Sadie litter with breeder Mary Brinkman engaging the puppies in the stimulation activities.