pupsnugThe Kanzu x Sadie puppies have turned 3 weeks old.  This week is referred to as the “Awareness or Identification Period”  (see Puppy Development by Pat Hastings and Erin Rouse, chapter by Kathryn Lanam)  For the first time the puppies have the use of all of their senses.  Their eyes are open and hearing is functioning well. They can walk/waddle forward and backward and they are beginning to play with each other and to acknowledge toys in their environment.  The first signs of imitated sexual behavior/play humping have begun. They are also beginning to play fight with their littermates. They growl or whine when hurt or when they don’t like the way their littermate plays with them. Momma Sadie is now correcting and disciplining the puppies by growling and baring her teeth when they get out of order.   Thank you Momma Sadie for helping the puppies’ new human families by socializing your babies.

For pictures of puppies at three weeks Click Here

Click the video below to watch the puppies at 3 weeks demonstrate some of the behaviors described above.