kuyubowlKuyu is the ultimate silly, goofy Ridgeback.  Couple that with being very photogenic and almost posing for photos and you get a treasure trove of funny photos of some of his antics.  Kuyu makes everyone who knows him laugh out loud regularly.  He loves to roll on his back and also tilt his head.  Those are pretty regular RR antics.  But what about carrying his dinner bowl into every room and then refusing to release it while going potty?  And then there is his need to walk every wall that he can reach and jump onto every picnic table he finds on a walk.  Or, there is the time I found him in the shower licking the water off the shower walls.  But my favorite is the time his buddy Justin came to visit.  Justin was not paying enough attention, so little Kuyu, just about 6 months old flew through the air and landed on the breakfast bar to Justin’s great surprise.  Justin glibly commented, “Wow!  We don’t let our guys do that”.  Well….neither does Kuyu’s mom….There was no warning, he just wanted to be in the middle of the conversation and height was no barrier…. More proof that he is a Goofy Kuyu.  And the most important part of it all is, he is the best mood elevator ever.

 Dare Devil KuyuKuyu in the shower

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