IMG_1365 The Kanzu x Salome puppies have turned 3 wks old. This is a really exciting phase in puppy development.  At this stage the puppies now have the use of all of their senses.  Their sight and hearing are now working well. They will be interested in toys and other visually stimulating objects in the whelping box and their environment.  It is also time for puppies to experience different locations sometimes without their littermates.  At this stage the puppies are also imprinting  not only on their mother but also on their littermates and the humans in their lives.  Puppies begin play fighting during this stage and a ‘pecking order’ will begin.  So the whelping box will be quite an active place. On their 3rd week birthday the litter was started on a gruel and they were very interested and excited to have such interesting food. Now, Liz’s nephew Sam has come to visit and help with the puppies. There will be lots of socialization going on and lots of fun to be had by all.  Be careful Sam, the puppies are imprinting on you!


For videos of the puppies at 3wks Click Here


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