kuyubobhanfordA nightmare for many owners of dogs who compete in conformation is standing nervously ringside with their dog waiting for the professional handler who never shows up. This is just what happened on March 6 at the Sequoia Kennel Club the first day of the Hanford Shows. With the Best of Breed (BOB) class going into the ring and no handler available, Linda rapidly got Kuyu’s armband, slapped it on and ran into the ring completely unprepared. For those of you who may have no frame of reference, going in the show ring in jeans is like wearing brown shoes with a tux. It is horribly awkward and uncomfortable. The ring steward and Judge Lisa Warren were as gracious as possible and encouraging. Kuyu thought this was highly irregular and lots of fun to be out in the ring with mom. Thank you judge Lisa Warren for overlooking the lack of handling skills and judging the dog and awarding Kuyu Best of Breed. Thanks too to Geri Griffin who graciously showed Kuyu in the Hound Group making a lovely showing. It was quite the day to remember.