Kuyu RetrievesAsk a group of Ridgeback owners about the breed’s  reaction to water and swimming and a lively conversation will ensue. Most Ridgeback owners will tell you that their Ridgebacks view water as ‘acid’. There will be a host of humorous stories about how their dogs were walking on the beach and as a wave came in and touched them they jumped as if they had received an electric shock. Others will tell you how hard they tried to get their Ridgeback to swim and the dog rebelled with all the stubbornness the breed has to offer. But on the other hand, a few owners will tell stories of how much their Ridgeback loves to swim. Some will say that if a Ridgeback is exposed to water early in its development and in a positive playful manner they will be more likely to swim. Short of some sort of social experiment, we have no way of knowing what percentage of the breed are innately  happy to swim. I have had both types. But I discovered quite by accident that Kuyu is a swimming machine and Kanzu is happy to be in there as well although more to please his mom than because of any natural affinity.  I originally took Kanzu to swim when he was actively competing in agility in order to get exercise that would not add additional stress to his back. But Kuyu who came along for some exercise as well, stole the show and showed how much he thinks he is a Labrador Retriever. Below are some photos and videos of the first few sessions that Kanzu and Kuyu had in the water. Some of the videos included in this post were taken in the summer of 2013 when Kuyu and Kanzu began swimming with Chelsea Conway who at the time did K-9 water therapy. We will always be grateful to Chelsea for introducing swimming to Kanzu and Kuyu and making it so fun for them.


Click Here for video sequence of Kuyu as he learns to swim

Click Here for videos sequence of Kanzu as he learns to swim

Click Here for videos of Kuyu and Kanzu swimming summer 2014

Kuyu swims with Linda

Everybody gets wet Kuyu Swims after 4 sessionsIMG_2176Kanzu Swim 5-23-13 2Kuyu favorite toy