Kanzu (in dark blue) races with his friends Daisy Mayhem and Paladin.

Straight Racing (LGRA)

Straight Racing is sponsored by the Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA). Hounds race 200 yards on a straight, flat track and chase a stuffed animal that is on a pulley. They are graded according to previous racing experience using, a weighted average of the dog’s last three race meets. There are three programs with heats made up of a maximum of four dogs. All dogs run with muzzles and race blankets. Dogs are released from racing boxes or hand-slipped, depending on the equipment available. Winners earn points towards the Gazehound Racing Champion title (12 GRC points). While working towards this title, the hound also earns points towards the Superior Gazehound Racing Champion title (30 NRC points).” http://www.lgra.org/about/what-is-lgra/

Oval Racing (NOTRA)

Oval racing is similar to what most people think of when they imagine a professional greyhound racing track – a large oval on a track or on grass. The National Oval Track Race Association (NOTRA) is an all volunteer organization which sponsors amateur oval race meets for a total of 14 breeds of sighthounds. Sighthounds get to enjoy their natural instincts to run, while chasing an artificial lure consisting of synthetic fur and white plastic trash bags. Amateur racing in the US was originally an activity for whippets and whippets still make up a large percentage of the entries at many NOTRA meets. Hounds earn points and work toward several titles: Junior Oval Racer (JOR), Senior Oval Racer (SOR) and Other Breed Oval Racing Champion (ORC). http://www.notraracing.org/

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