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On June 9, 2012 Kanzu earned a new racing title. Racing with his friend Paladin he received the last of the 12 points needed to earn the Gazehound Racing Champion title (GRC) offered by the Large Gazehound Race Association (LGRA). LGRA racing is similar to straight racing done by whippets. Hounds race 200 yards on a straight flat surface. There are three programs with heats made up of a maximum of four dogs. Dogs run with muzzles and race blankets. Depending on the size of the breed and the equipment of the club the hounds are either released from racing boxes or hand slipped. Typically, because of their large size, Ridgebacks are hand slipped. Winners earn points toward their title.

Kanzu began racing in 2010 and needed just one and a half points to complete his championship when he took a year off to concentrate on agility. With the completion of his MACH, Kanzu returned to the race track. He could hardly contain his excitement when the car arrived at the race meet and he realized where he was and what he was going to do that day. Kanzu was so intensely excited on his first day back racing that it took multiple handlers to control him and get him to the start line. It was thrilling to see him so happy doing what he loves the most.


Photos by Kelly Gamble

The 2010 national rankings are posted for Straight Racing (LGRA) and Oval Racing (Notra). It was a great year for Kanzu and his family and special friends. He was the #5 Rhodesian Ridgeback in Straight Racing and #3 Ridgeback in Oval racing in the US for 2010. But the year was made extra special because the rankings were shared with family and friends. The Notra ranking was notable for the Tigris name as Kanzu’s brother Peyton was ranked in Notra at #5. And the LGRA rankings were shared with Kanzu’s best gal pal Daisy Mayhem who earned a #11 spot in LGRA.

LGRA 2010 breed-standings by breed
NOTRA 2010 breed-standings by breed


Oval racing is similar to what most people think of when they imagine professional greyhound racing. Dogs race around a large oval on a track or on grass. Hounds earn points and work toward several titles: Junior Oval Racer (JOR), Senior Oval Racer (SOR) and Other Breed Oval Racing Champion (ORC). In November 2010 Kanzu earned his JOR title at which time he was ranked #3 in the US in oval track racing for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. However, the competition has definitely picked up recently when his brother Peyton and gal-pal Kali began oval and straight racing with him.
















With his AKC Field Championship and ASFA Championships now under his belt, Kanzu has begun straight line racing through The Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA) and National Oval Track Race Association -Other Breed (NOTRA-OB) Racing. He is earning points toward titles in both LGRA and NOTRA racing.