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Kanzu was one of seven Ridgebacks to be awarded the Versatility Certificate (VC) in 2011 by the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US (RRCUS). The purpose of this program is to encourage participation and acknowledge the accomplishments of RRs as a versatile breed. To achieve this award the dog must have a minimum number of titles or points from four of five groups including; Conformation, Obedience, Tracking, Lure Coursing/Racing,and Agility. Kanzu was honored with an announcement in the Top Performers Issue of The Ridgeback Magazine and with a beautiful engraved ribbon and certificate given at the Awards Banquet at the 80th RRCUS National Specialty Awards Banquet in South Dakota in September. His Breeders and co-owners Mike and Lisa Patterson were there to accept his ribbon and VC certificate. In addition, at the same banquet Kanzu was awarded a ribbon for his RRCUS #5 national ranking in agility in 2010. It was a huge honor for Kanzu to receive these awards at the RRCUS National Speciaty Show and very exciting to add the VC title to his official name.

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When most people think of Rhodesian Ridgebacks they don’t think of them as herding dogs. But it is important to remember that Ridgebacks historically were working dogs in their early days in Africa. While Ridgebacks are not considered a herding breed by the American Kennel Club and therefore not eligible for Herding Competitions, they can earn the Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC). In order to participate in the herding instinct test, the dog needs no training before entering the event. A qualified evaluator takes the dog into a pen with livestock, usually sheep, to observe the dog’s ability to move and control the livestock and to assess the dogs style. Kanzu participated in the Herding Instinct Test in November 2010 sponsored by the Orange Coast Rhodesian Ridgeback Club at Trailsend Ranch in Phelan CA. The evaluator was Steve Waltenburg who is a licensed AKC herding judge.
Great fun was had by all and most all of the Ridgebacks showed great instincts for herding the sheep. Steve was very complimentary of Kanzu’s herding abilities. Many of Kanzu’s Tigris relatives were there for testing as well. It was especially amazing to watch the Tigris dogs who seemed to have a special affinity for knowing exactly what to do.
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